December 26th, 2008


Appliance Repair in Portland, OR

Yeah, I'm not really blogging these days. But I want to share this information with anyone who needs it.

Our dryer broke recently. Since we have a Kenmore dryer I called Sears about the repair, but when I asked how much it would cost, they said they couldn't even roughly estimate the cost, unless we went with their flat fee of $200. Unhelpful! So we called Dennis at Affordable Appliance Repair, which we found on Craigslist. He did the job quickly, without incident, and charged us an extremely fair rate - $65 + the cost of the replacement part, a total of $107 even though he had to make an extra trip to buy the part. He was professional and friendly and kept in touch with us even though snow was making the roads impassable for much of the week. I highly recommend his service.