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Geminica - Take 2
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Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

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as i wait (Jury Duty)

When the time comes ye move. Simple as that. Nay point hoping for the best. Ye could spend yer life doing that; hoping. If ye were gony sit about hoping then okay, go ahead, but that's all ye'll do, know what I mean, it's like waiting, ye're aye waiting. Waiting rooms. Ye go into this room where ye wait. Hoping's the same. One of these days the cunts'll build entire fucking buildings just for that. Official hoping rooms, where ye just go in and hope for whatever the fuck ye feel like hoping for. One on every corner. Course they had them already: boozers. Ye go in to hope and they sell ye a drink to help ye pass the time.

--James Kelman, How late it was, how late

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